Tuesday, December 29, 2009


We always do Christmas eve at Chad's parents house and it was a lot of fun. (Besides having to start super late and get home super late.) Logan had his binky the whole time we were opening presents cause he was so tired. We got a Wii from Chad's parents and some other realyy cute stuff from everyone else. I love this time of year.

"Look at all those presents"

We had Christmas at our house this year. It was a lot of fun, Jamie, Kaiden, Jakie and Ali stayed the night. jill and I an showed up at 5:30 and all the fun began. Logan scored and got tons of stuff. I really wished I would have video taped it cause he was so cute. Anything he opened he would say what it was and then say YAYYYYY and clap his hands. "Clothes, yayyyyy" "Truck, yayyyyy" It was adorable. I had to work from 1230-630 so we had to rush a little bit with presents and food, but we had a blast.

Logan's new kitchen (he loves to play with sinks)

Train table YAY

My grandpa wanted a 3 wheeled bike and isn't she a beauty? (she wouldn't fit in the door so we all went out to the garage to give it to grandpa)

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I HATE when my baby is sick

This past week has been crazy. I got sick last Tuesday, VERY sore throat, lost my voice, cough. You know...just the crud. But last Saturday Logan got SO sick. He got a fever out of nowhere, we went to the store real quick to grab some last minute gifts and he just started screaming at the top of his lungs, he was grabbing his head yelling "it's too loud, it's too loud." I grabbed my stuff and went to check out really quick to get him in the car (my sister Jackie was waiting on some pics to finish printing so I just left her stuff in the cart up at the front of the store.) I got Logan is his car seat and he just looked exhausted. Jackie finally came out and we started driving home. I just wanted to get him in the bathtub and get him some Tylenol to break his fever. Well, in the car, his eyes kept rolling back in his head and we couldn't get him to wake up. I FREAKED out and drove straight the the ER. His fever was about 102 and he was so out of it. Once I got him in to get triaged the nurse said that he probably had a febrile seizure and that's why he wouldn't respond and his eyes kept rolling and when kids get high fevers they can get a headache and that's why he kept yelling that it was too loud. The Dr came in and ordered a chest x ray, strep test and urine test. Well strep and urine were fine, but it showed that he has pneumonia on his x ray. We finally got him feeling a little better and took him home to go to sleep. He was getting a little better every day...until Tues (yesterday) He seriously did not get up most of the day, he can not even talk, coughs like crazy and every time he coughed he would start to cry. Something was definitely wrong here. So I took him to the after hours clinic at his pediatricians office and the Dr seems to think he has croup and VIRAL pneumonia and that's why the antibiotics are not fixing him. He wrote out a prescription for a steroid, that will hopefully break up all the crap he is coughing up, and for a cough med with codeine so he could get some sleep and not wake up every hour coughing up a lung. My poor baby, I can not stand when he is sick. It makes me so sad and I just never want to leave his side. The new med seems to be working though, he doesn't cry when he coughs anymore...that's a start.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Friday, December 11, 2009

Logan's new favorite word is "actually." He has been using it all day, "Mommy, I wanna watch Happy Feet....ACTUALLY.....I wanna watch this one." As he is walking to a slide at the park he turns around and says "ACTUALLY....I wanna go dis way."

Logan can recognize and say most of his letters. His favorites are O and F.

When Chad leaves for work he gives Logan and I a hug and a kiss, every time Logan gets his hug he says "daddy, you give mommy a big hug and kiss" and then yells "drive safe" as Chad is walking out the door.

Logan loves to "fix" (bang on) things with his hammer

We went and saw planet 51 today and as I was buckling him in is car seat he said "mommy, that was a good movie"

If you don't say thank you for something that Logan gives you or does for you he says "your welcome" with attitude, like, uh, where is my thank you.

He kisses the phone when he says bye (learned this one from Kaiden)

He can't wait for Santa to come and see him, I asked him to help me turn on the Christmas lights and he said "where's Santa" everything revolves around Santa now.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mobile photos

Logan's first time sitting with Santa

Logan having his toes "hug"

Our little Cowboy

Fell asleep on Shamu

Cool dude

Making sure daddy will like his new tie

Covering himself in monster truck stickers

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Family pics

Again I say, Tiffany Haynes is such an awesome photographer. We got our pics done about a week and a half ago and they turned out SO good. I love them. Thank you again Tiffany. If you need a photographer give her a call, her photog blog is on my sidebar under friends.


My sisters and their BOYS

Jamie and Kaiden

Jackie and Ali

Jill and Ian

The Boys

The Whole Family

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Time flies

Logan Pooped on the Potty For The First Time Today!!!!!!YAY!!!!

Logan has started to "talk back" to everyone
*If Logan asks a silly question I will say "duh" after my answer and he says, "no YOU duh"

*If I say okee dokee, he says "no YOU okee dokee"

*Me: "Logan eat your dinner" Logan: "No YOU eat your dinner"

Logan has been watching Chad very closely when he brushes his teeth, Chad does not use a cup to rinse out his mouth, he just sticks his whole face under the faucet and drinks the water. We just got Logan a stool to reach the sink to wash his hands and brush his teeth. The first thing he did was stick his whole face under the faucet to drink the water. He gets water EVERYWHERE. It is so cute.

If I ask Logan if he needs to pee he says, "No I just went two hours" Ok so that is not a sentence, but it is so funny, he just leaves you hangin.

If he can't see you, he runs through the house yelling "Where are you? Where are you?"

He asks "why?" to everything. I never thought kids really asked why all the time, but it has begun with him.

He LOVES to turn on the Christmas tree lights, he will come up and say, "mommy come look at light, me hold your hand" and then he leads me over and shows me all his ornaments on the tree. Even though it's the millionth time I have seen them, I am just as overjoyed as the first. Christmas time is so amazing, especially now that we have Logan, it means so much more.