Saturday, March 28, 2009

Logan Update

Our Logan is growing up so fast. Here is "little" update on our big man


*His blankie and binkie. He wont go ANYWHERE without them
*Basketball.... actually any game involving a ball, but basketball is his favorite
*Grilled Cheese sandwiches/Oreo cookies/cereal
*Sleeping with Mommy and Daddy
*Running around in circles with Kaiden
He has learned to say all of his colors
He knows all of our family by name
He is so polite, says please and thank you for EVERYTHING
He says all done, come on, all the disney shows (manny, mouse, spongebob)
He says "I love you" all the time, it NEVER gets old
*Watching Kaiden play WII
*Our dogs
*Being tickled ( he always says "got you" when you're tickling him, it's hilarious)
*Going to the park or on walks (he notes everyones basketball hoop by screaming "Ball!!!")
*When mommy or daddy get home from a long day at work.
*Putting daddy's change in the money jar when daddy gets home
*Playing with the hose
*Running around naked after his bath
*Brushing his teeth
*Nap time
*Holding hands when crossing the road
*When mommy sings him to sleep


*Tunnels or any enclosed area. He is very claustrophobic. He doesn't even like people standing too close to him
*Getting a diaper on
*Not being able to find his binkie when he wakes up in the middle of the night

I know...his list of hates is VERY short. We are very lucky to have such a Happy, easy going boy.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Phoenix Childrens Museum

Saturday I had the day off work and we took Logan to the Museum. We had so much fun. There is so much for kids to do there. I love taking Logan to fun, new things (thanks Jill for the idea) The ONLY thing I can't stand is taking him around other kids cause kids are so mean these days. At the zoo last week he got stepped on and pushed, today kids were just taking stuff from him and just watching other kids is so aggravating, cause their parents don't say anything when their child is mean to my son. It make me crazy. Logan kinda just stands there and looks at me like, "Mommy why did she just do that?" It's so sad. I wish parents would watch the way their children treat other kids so Logan wouldn't be picked on all the time. OR Logan just punch 'em. O sorry I didn't mean that, it just slipped. Anyhoo, it was a lot of fun, despite my griping above.

Playing music.

Balls, Balls and More Balls

Riding a bike

The wind machine

drawing in the sand

Painting the house (they add a layer of paint everyday)

Making Logan's hat at the art center

You're REALLY making me wear it?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Zoo pictures

My friend Shannon and I took our kids and Kaiden to the zoo on Thursday and I couldn't believe it, the animals were actually out and in clear view. That NEVER happens. The baboon was actually sitting in the window, it was awesome and a PERFECT day to go.

Random pictures

Logan just taking a bath. He could sit in there all day.

Kaiden's birthday cake

Logan wanting to wear two different shoes

Can't choose a blanket so carries all of them around

The bike we got Kaiden for his birthday

Logan is THE BEST singer.