Friday, October 30, 2009

Fall festivities

Kaiden's school had a fall carnival that he invited us too. Logan had so much fun, probably cause he got to play at the park for 2 hours. Anyway he got to sit with the "big kids" and listen to a story, play Halloween games, play on all the park stuff and just run around. It was a nice way to kill 2 hours of the day, besides it being FREEZING out.

Pumpkin bowling

Logan's popcorn hand

Kaiden got his face painted, he is kind of a cross dresser in his Spiderman costume with a vampire face. Oh well. What a scary vampire

Logan had the camera, yet again, when we drove home and when I was looking back at the pics I noticed he took tons of pictures of me driving. Thought I would post one.

We went over to Chad's parents house and carved pumpkins. It was a lot of fun. Ashley was the designated pumpkin seed remover and it was awesome b/c it is so slimy and gross. Logan took pretty much all of the pics (that he is not in) isn't he talented?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lunch date

Today, Logan and I went to pick Kaiden up from school and met my sister Jackie for a lunch date. We had to wait in the office she works at cause we were super early. Logan and Kaiden had fun trashing the place. They read magazines, played with stuff off the desk and of course snuggled for some pics. Then off we went to Subway, yummy!!!! My other sister, Jamie(Kaiden's mom) and Jackie's b/f Ali met us there too. Fun Fun.

Dozing (looking awfully cranky, might I add)

And then he's out

Freestone Fall Carnival

Last Sat Freestone park had their fall carnival and oh my goodness was it packed. We actually parked down one of the residential streets cause the line of cars to get in was insane. I feel that it was kinda a waste of money, only cause Logan hates bouncers and that's pretty much all there was to do and because there were lines for everything. Making a two year old understand why we have to wait in line for 30 mins to bowl is a pretty tough thing to do. But it was fun to just let him roam around and get some cool stuff.

Chad and Logan with the block watch dog. Hey why is cookie monster in our picture? I don't know where he came from.

Logan waiting SO PATIENTLY for pumpkin bowling

Logan is seriously SO GOOD at bowling

Cool sword dude, it lights up and makes the most annoying sound ever.

Santa was there, Logan had to give him high fives and knuckles

Logan decorated his own pumpkin (well daddy and I helped a lot) isn't it cute?

Happy Birthday Kyndal

My friend Kortney's daughter, Kyndal, had her 4th birthday last Sat and we were invited to her princess pirate party. Kyndal was dressed so cute wearing a piratey shirt, black tutu and these leg warmers with girly skull and cross bones on them. O and I can't forget about her PINK highlights in her hair too. Logan had lots of fun.

Beautiful Birthday Girl

Logan eating his chocolate covered marshmallow

Kyndal and Logan hugging (kinda self explanitory)

Kortney had these huge popcorn balls that she got for the chocolate fountain. As soon as I saw her put the ball on a stick and drench it in chocolate I knew THIS would happen. Pretty Kortney

Logan LOVED all the motorcycle stuff in Kortney's parents house. I would only let him stand next to this big, beautiful one though. I was so scared he was gonna break something.

Chalk and Chores

Logan loves to have his hand traced so we went and got some chalk at the wonderful dollar store. We went into the backyard and traced each others hands. Logan was even making rocky put his paw down so he could trace it, it was so funny.

I know what you are thinking....child labor is illegal. Well, it isn't considered child labor if the child WILL NOT let anyone do it except for him, right? Logan gets so mad if I don't let him give the dogs water and food or water the plants. The backyard is HIS territory, I guess. He doesn't mind to let me clean the ENTIRE inside of the house all myself. Looks like he is just lookin out for daddy and helping him hold down the fort in backyard duties. Thanks Logan

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Can I just tell you how much I hate having to have a job. I know everyone would rather not have to work, but today I am just feeling really depressed that I have to spend 3 ENTIRE days of my week at work. I had such a great week with Logan, Chad and some friends that I have been needing to hang out with. So why must I return to work? Oh ya...bills. Dang you, bills, you make me crazy.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Play date

Logan and I met my friend Chelsey and her kids at Freestone park and it was quite tiring. The kids didn't really want to play at the playground. They wanted to feed the ducks, EAT, and just run around. Lilly was hilarious, she was wearing these platform sandals that she REFUSED to take off and she fell in the mud twice b/c of them. She was running on the sidewalk (kinda close to the street) after I chased her and Logan down the first time, Chelsey went after them the second time, she told Lilly she has to be careful cause there are cars driving around, Lilly's response " I eat cars." She is so funny. Brady could not make up his mind on what he wanted to do, sit in the stroller, sit on the grass, hold that was funny too. Shea is such a big girl already, she plays so good just on her own. Now Logan was just being Mr. Bossy. He held Lilly's hand everywhere they went and kinda just led her all over the place. Logan also just wanted to hold Brady, I guess he feels like if he is bigger, then he is in charge.

First order of business.....GET WET.

Feed the Ducks

Mess with Brady

Love on Lilly (A LOT... and might I remind you that Logan is ONE DAY OLDER than Lilly and he is a monster compared to her) on Shea