Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gotta love it

Went to the splash pad today and Logan had a blast. Although, even though cloudy skies look awesome from the inside looking is still SO HOT outside. I had to get my feet wet too.

Family Date

Last Saturday we had family date day and we had so much fun. First we took Logan bowling, which he was talking about for like a whole week before we even went. He was SO EXCITED to go. We went to brunswick (which, by the way, is the best bowling alley ever) so we got to play games in the HUGE arcade after bowling.

Logan and daddy on the motion roller coaster ride

Logan thought it was the greatest

Then after bowling and games we went to see Toy Story 3, had a little too many "dark" spots in the movie, but overall was really good. Then family lunch at Zipps burgers. We had such a fun day together. I can not wait to go to Cali next month to just spend every day, all day like this.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Funny poo story

Logan just went poo on the potty and we went out to the living room cause he wanted to play Wii. Little did we know he wasn't finished going potty. He made his poo face and looked at me like, "o crap" so I picked him up and ran to the bathroom. As I put him down and got his potty chair on the toilet I hear him say "oops a daisy" and he is staring at the floor. it is....his poo fell out of his shorts and landed right on my flip flop. (Don't worry they are in the trash now) I could not stop laughing. I took a pic, but I will save you the visual, it was just too funny not to post.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Birthday shopping

I took Logan shopping tonight for some birhtday presents and he is seriously the most grateful kid IN THE WORLD. I was piling up clothes to get him and he says "that's enough clothes mom" so I figured he just wanted to be done with clothes so we could go look at toys, but we get over to the toys and he picks out ONE tractor set and I said "well, what else would you like?" and his response was "that's it, I only want ONE toy." How did we get SO LUCKY? Logan is seriously a dream child and I am still in awe at how amazing he is. He surprises me every day with how generous and sweet he is.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Logan makes me laugh

Eating his pb&j dinosaur cut outs with his safety goggles

Logan bowling on Wii in his underwear and his pirate hat!!!!!

This little man is too funny.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More random bragging

Logan has memorized his phone number, he is such a smarty. He tells us "say, what's my phone number?" so we ask him and his sweetest little voice he recites it. He is so proud. He knows my full name and Chad's full name too in case of emerg or something.

Logan has started swimming with floaties and can swim "like a big boy" he says. He has so much fun in the pool.

I asked Logan the other day what we should name the baby and he said "lets name the baby, cantelope." lol

Logan can button all his own buttons on his jammie shirt

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


So I am trying to keep a positive attitude, but second pregnancies are just SO different than the first. I LOVED being pregnant with Logan, no complaints AT ALL....however this time around has just been traumatizing (and I am only 26 weeks along) So I am going to take this opportunity to complain a little bit (hope you don't mind)

I am HUGE already...I feel like when people ask when I am due, I should be saying next hello I have like 3 whole months left.

I love to eat, but I am always afraid to because I can feel my tummy expanding with every meal.

I am thinking this time around I will be getting the dreaded stretch marks. Logan was so good to me and my tummy expanded at such a great rate, but this lil stinker is already so big.

I can't even keep a shirt over my belly when I sleep, I have resorted to just sleeping in a sports bra b/c my shirt always ends up there anyway.

I have been getting HORRIBLE leg and feet cramps when I sleep. I can't even walk them out I just sit there in pain until it goes away.

I don't even want to step foot outside cause it's so dang hot, even getting in the pool doesn't cool me down.

My pants seriously do not fit at all, even the pants I wore while pregnant with Logan are too small. (If I could wear jammies to work I totally would)

My back hurts


I have to pretty much, hurl myself out of bed

This is my belly: 26 weeks

really cranky pregnant lady