Saturday, June 28, 2008



Celebrating in San Diego

Ok so for the fourth we are going to San Diego, I know, we were just there, but I am so excited. We love San Diego. We have great, I guess they are our semi, in laws who let us stay with them. It's logan's first fourth of July so it will be fun to see if he is even into fireworks right now. Fireworks over the ocean sounds amazing to me. Also in July is my twin sisters birthdays.(both wearing red and white stripe shirts in bottom pic.) They will be 23 this year. So happy birthday lil sisters. Love you. (These are pics from last fourth of July, as you can see I was very much pregnant.)HAPPY FOURTH EVERYONE.

Friday, June 20, 2008

So last night was fun. We spent some time in the emergency room yet again, thanks to Kaiden this time. He was jumping on the couch and missed his landing, hitting his face on the corner of the coffee table. He had to get stitches in his upper lip because his tooth went straight through it. It was so sad, he could put his tongue through it. He was so amazing getting his stitches, he didn't cry he was so brave. Jamie, on the other hand, got very pale, her eyes started rolling back in her head and she looked like she was gonna pass out, I felt so bad. I could not believe how great Kaiden did. I would post a picture, but it's really sad to see. I will put updated pictures on as soon as the internet is up at the new house. This is it for now.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

The LONGEST two weeks EVER

Ok so these past two weeks have been completely insane. It started with my little Logan getting sick with this fever and wierd rash covering his body. He is so great though because when he is sick he is not cranky. He is a lovable cuddle bug. about 2 days after that I got the absolute WORST headache of my entire life (and I suffer from migraines so it was bad) I worked the whole weekend of the 24th (12 hour shifts) but come Sunday I was feeling SO crappy that I went home early. Well that night I woke up with a fever so I went to the ER (I took every medication I could think of to get rid of that headache and for 3 days nothing worked) So I started to get some neck pain and back pain. While at the ER they did a cat scan of my head that was totally normal. Next, a SPINAL TAP, that's where they draw fluid from your spine with a needle just as big as an epidural needle. Luckily with my headache I didn't even feel it. They did the blood work, IV fluids and the whole 9. Finally the spinal tap results came back and Guess what. VIRAL MENENGITIS. They admitted me for 3 days becaus they couldn't get my headache under control. They did an MRI (normal, brain wave test (normal) and I had to wear a heart monitor the whole time caise my heart rate was abnormal. They gave me every medication (the good stuff too)and nothing worked. It was hell. Anyways so all my sisters got that crazy headache, Jamie was laid out for 4 days. It was crazy. Ok so then we moved Thursday, Friday and we are still emptying out the house in Queen Creek. I love our new house in Mesa though. NO POOL = NO POOL MAINTENENE. YAY!!!!!!! Chad hates the fact that theres no pool, but for the wrong reasons, he wants the dogs to be able to swim. he isn't worried about the humans, he is worried about the dogs. He is so silly. Logan learned some new things this week, he FINALLY claps his hands (Lily got a big head start on that one huh Chels?) he gives high fives, he said "papa" and he is kinda drinking out of a sippy cup. He is so big. Well what do you think? A busy couple weeks?