Monday, August 30, 2010

The end is near

It feels so good to say that I am almost 34 weeks. I am almost done feeling like a whale. I had a really bad, uncomfortable day yesterday at work. I seriously felt like this lil man was just gonna fall out of me. My tummy was so hard for most of the day and I could not bend over at all. I was like "omg, I can't have this baby, we haven't even chosen a name yet!!!" If anyone feels like assisting in the name dilema please please help. We like Hunter, but I don't feel like I'm in love with it like I used to be. The name HAS to sound good with our last name and HAS to sound good when saying it with Logan (I know I am weird) I really like the way Luke and Logan sounds together, but Chad REALLY doesn't like Luke. I kinda like Landon too...Chad likes Carter...but we just can't decide. HELP!!!! Any name suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

San Diego

We got to go to San Diego for Chad's birthday again this year. It was a lot hotter than last year so it wasn't really the break we needed from the heat. Logan and I were kinda home sick while we were gone, but still had a good time. We went to the beach and got to hang out with my sister in law and nephews. We went to Belmont Park and Logan was really upset that he wasn't big enough to go on the roller coaster. (he kept calling it the roller Scoaster) Logan had a good time hanging out with Riley,3....but didn't get along too well with Brody,1. Brody kinda grabs at everyone and pinches so he didn't like that very much. Here are some pics of our time there.

Golfing at Belmont Park (he was actually golfing in the dark)

Logan LOVES the kitty

At the park

Giving night night hugs to cousin Riley

chad's birthday "cake"

Chad and Brody

Playing at the beach

At the lake for a pizza lunch

When Logan was getting up on this playground set he said "this is my most favorite house"

Logan watching his movie in the car with his very own headphones (The road to El Dorado was movie of choice on this trip)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Today, my baby is 3

Don't mind how chunky I look in this pic

We started the morning off with a breakfast/play trip to Mcdonalds with cousin Kaiden and aunt Jamie. Then, off to the park....Logan's one request was to go to the bowling alley and it was the BEST part of his birthday. We got to brunswick right when they opened and the manager right away gave us 3 loaded game cards for the arcades (bonus: games on Tues are 1/2 price, woohoo) then I told the mgr that we were there celebrating his birthday and he let Logan bowl for free AND let him use the bowling shoes for free....but he wasn't done. Mark Anthony, that's the mgr name, pictured below..brought Logan his own ice cream with a candle. I LOVE Brunswick (Gilbert and Warner) our experience there is always great, however today topped them all....We were getting ready to leave and Logan wanted a drink so I went over to buy him a slurpee and the mgr came over again and said "he didn't use his game cards ALREADY, did he?" I said "ya, we're just about to go, thank you so much for everything" and he says, uh uh no..and laid down 2 more loaded game cards....he ended up giving us like $50 in loaded cards...Awesome awesome guy. Thank you again Mr. Mark Anthony.

Logan even bowled a strike today...go bubs!!!

After bowling we went to the splash pad, which Logan just LOVES and then he requested Taco Bell for what my baby baby gets.
Now we are just gonna cuddle up on the couch and watch Stuart Little then wait for daddy to get home (he had to work today cause he has inventory, boo hoo, SO not fair) maybe we will make a trip to Peter Piper for dinner to finish off a great day!!!!!

Logan's Birthday Party

Logan had such a fun birthday party again this year and i cant believe i didnt get pics of him and all his guests. His best friends, Noah, Gabe and Rylee came, along with his fun cousins Kaiden and Jamison. Plus all our close family. He had a blast. We made yummy subs for dinner, smores on a stick (so so yummy, by the way) and had cake and ice cream...along with outside water play, made for a GREAT day!!! Happy birthday bubsy!!

Logan can go up the slide all by himself this year. YAY!!!!!

Loungin in the pool

Present time ( Logan pretty much got EVERY truck sold on store shelves )

And last, but not least..CAKE!!! Logan wanted a monster truck birthday so we made him a cake with a monster truck running over little matchbox cars (didn't take a good pic of it)

Happy Birthday Bubs

Logan is 3 yrs old today. He is the most amazing addition to our family and we love him more than anything in this world. Happy birthday Bubs!!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Recent Fun

Logan and Kaiden bein silly in the car...Logan serioulsy wears these goggles EVERYWHERE. He makes me laugh.

Logan's first time on a slip and slide. He was so funny, he would just run all the way to the end of it and plop down on his bum....

he finally got the hang of it though.

Logan "fishing" in the backyard using a golf club and then a badmitton racket. He pretended like all the leaves he caught were fish. He is too smart.