Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Attention...Blog overload

I just added a lot of updates..BEWARE

Family Pictures

So we just had my mom take family pictures seeing as how it's free and she took our engagement pictures and she is pretty good. I think they turned out cute.

Kaiden's Photo Shoot

My nephew Kaiden is such a fun kid. He is very energetic and very funny. He always knows what to say to make us laugh. I also have to mention he is the most handsome three year old I have EVER laid my eyes on. Agreed?????????


So we finally had a play date with the Howards. The kids play so amazingly together. Kaiden and Shea are like the same age and Lilly and Logan are a day apart so everyone gets a long well. It's so nice to get together with Chelsey and catch up. She is so funny, she definately keeps us laughin. It is amazing to me how she has time for all the stuff she does with three kids. She went to work out after we hung out. She has time to read, see movies, hang out with friends , have time with Trevor and KEEP HER SANITY. You are an inspiration to us all Chelsey

The Gang


Jackie and Logan

Mommy and Logan

Logan, Shea, Kaiden and Lilly

Kaiden and Shea

Lilly and Logan (one day apart yet sooooo different in size..Logan is a tank.)

Chelsey and Brady

O Christmas Tree

Ok so Chad got out all the Christmas decorations.....including our pitiful Christmas tree. I took one look at it and was like um no we need a new one. As you can see I was right and we got the new one for a steal and it is so full and beautiful compared to the old, not so beautiful one.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Logan's photo Session

These are just some recent photos and recent updates of our "little" Logan. He is such a stud. I wanted to say a big thank you to Chelsey for the heads up about Lilly throwing everything in the garbage cause right after you posted that Logan realized that everything can go in there. He will not leave the trash alone. It spends most of it's time on top of the counter. Kind of gross, I know but we would lose all our stuff if we left it on the ground in his reach. He is talking a lot now he plays ball a lot and says "catch it" and "ready, set, go" it's really cute. Chad cleaned out the garage so I park my car in there and Logan gets SOOOO upset and starts crying when we don't leave out the front door to go bye bye. At his 15 month check up we were told he is STILL above 95 % for height and weight (big surprise there.) Logan is so laid back and chill. He rarely fusses and if he does it is only due to change in routine or owies. He is such a blessing and we are so lucky to have such a well behaved relaxed little man to raise.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Logan is a workin boy.

Well not ALL work, he enjoys his play time (attacking Papa and Daddy) and Dr. Pepper break time too.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Chad and I had our 4 yr anniversary on Thursday. We spent the day together as a family (with our little Logan) went to lunch and the park. Then my sister Jill watched Logan while we went to dinner at the Chessecake Factory (not the best food in the world, but maybe I just didn't order a good meal)We got all dressed up (sorry no pics though) It was a fun day. Thank you to my great husband for my beautiful flowers, they are amazing.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Jill and Ian's halloween party

So we decided to go to Jill's party as a redneck family and I think we pulled it off nicely. Chad's mullett was hilarious. Here some pics from the party.


Jamie and Kaiden as a ref and baseball player

Mom was a bee

Jackie as a very hot catwoman

Redneck family