Monday, October 27, 2008

These are just some fun pics from Matt (Chad's brother) and Holly's visit. I'm sure there will be more later. Just be prepared for lots of Matt and Holly. We have not seen them for a year, they just met Logan because they moved to hawaii like 2 wks before he was born.

I love this pic oof Ian, he looks like such a "pimp"

Just Bein Silly

Matt and Holly are so sexy, right?

Logan is holding on to Chad's ears like they are reins.

Hawkins pics

So Matt, Holly and Riley are in town from HAWAII (lucky) and we HAD to take new pictures of everyone. They brought hawaii shirts for everyone to wear and we just had fun with it. (like always the boys had most of the fun)

Logan is so handsome

Me, Chad and Logan (why am I sticking out my tush?)

Never a dull moment

Mommy and Logan

The Whole Hawkins Family

Nice boys...very nice

Grandma/Grandpa and the Grand babies

Original Hawkins clan

Matt, Holly and Riley

Nate and Shaun forever

The girls (and there's my tush again. What is going on here?)


All the boys

Matt, Holly and Riley

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Pumpkin Patch

So on Tuesday, Chad, Logan and I went to Mother Nature's farm along with Jamie and Kaiden. The boys had a lot of fun. There were animals to pet, pumpkins to pick out, a decorating station (to make the pumpkin colorful, no knives to carve so it was very safe), a hay ride, bouncer and a maze. It was a lot of fun letting Logan walk around everywhere. He is so independent already.

Finding the PERFECT pumpkin


Logan and Daddy went throught the maze together

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Girls (and little ones)

So my mom's birthday was last week and her request for her birthday was to get a picture blown up of me, my sisters and the boys. We chose the last one, but I thought I would just post most of them for fun. We don't really get together (all of us) that often so it's always fun when we do. Jill and Ian just moved down to Gilbert so hopefully we see them more often than when they lived in Casa Grande. Logan is now walking full force and he was not very cooperative with the picture taking process, he would rather go up the stairs or play with Gracie (Jill's dog) so that was a very fun experience. As you can see we could not all get the perfect pose of face all together in the same picture so they are kinda funny to look at. Thank you to Ian (Jill's husband), our camera man who was so patient.

Kaiden wants to get down, Logan has a weird "grin" and Jill is totally model material.

As you can see in this picture the boys are not thrilled about the picture taking. Jackie's favorite cause her hair is PERFECT.By the way, could I sit any more slouched?

Kaiden has the "fake" smile down pat.