Friday, January 29, 2010


My brother in law, Ian graduated with his Masters on Wednesday so we all went out to celebrate. CONGRATS.

Logan Loves his camera (well my camera, but you know...)

Daddy and Logan

Trying to get the PERFECT self portrait

Awesome pic of Max

She's here

So my best friend Shannon had her baby on Wednesday, she weighed in at 8lbs. 11 oz (didn't think tiny Shannon could carry a baby that big, but...she did). It is the second girl for her and Jarrod (my boss) I am so excited that I am covering for Jarrod while he is out spending time with the new baby. That meant that I got to go visit Shannon all the time while she was in the hospital. (plus I get to get out of work at 3 for the next couple weeks, yay) Taylor looks JUST like Rylee when she was a baby. She is adorable. Eats and poops like crazy.

Right before she went in for the c-section

The whole family

Rylee can not get enough of her new sister

In Logan's words

Every time we go out to eat, Logan puts his cup in the air (to the waiter) and says "Dr. Pepper...thank you" So I can look at this two ways, either we drink to much dr pepper or my son is REALLY polite....I would like to think he is just really polite.

Logan always wants to go to the park and lately he requests either really early in the morning or after the sun goes down. I tell him its too cold to go now and he says "no mommy it's fofect (perfect) out there."

Last night Logan was looking for the moon and I said "we probably can't see it cause it's too cloudy out" and he says "the moon is laying down, it's sleeping"

Every time we ask Logan a question and he is not quite sure of the answer, he starts off with..."prolly....(probably)
Me: "Logan, what do you want for dinner?"
Logan :Prolly.......a taco."

When Logan REALLY wants something he has learned to say the word "need"
Logan: "mommy, my want candy."
Me: "No Logan, you need to eat dinner first"
Logan: "But my neeeeeed it."

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Muddy park fun

We had a fmily trip to the park the other day and Logan had so much fun running in the mud, playing on a huge mountain of dirt and throwing rocks in the puddles

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sleepovers are the greatest!!!!

We had Kaiden for a couple nights this week for sleepovers and we had so much fun. These two boys together just crack me up (and make me a little crazy at the same time) It was a blast.

Movie night

Our little Picaso's

playing Wii

Snuggle snuggle

All that fun resulted in a 3 + hour nap for Logan today

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rainy weather

The weather has been crazy lately. I love the rain, but I have to stay home when it does. I hate driving in the rain and the wind. Don't I live in the state with NO weather change? Anyway, Logan loves to play outside when it's raining, so great opportunity to take pics of my handsome lil man.


Logan and I went bowling with my friend, Cassandra and her kids, Cayden and Caitlyn on Wednesday and let me just say that it was an adventure. Logan thought it should have been his turn for EVERY turn, he understood that it wasn't and kept saying, "mommy, my share." He LOVES bowling. I do have to say that I would MUCH rather bowl on the Wii cause I'm am terrible doing it for real. An employee came up to us and laid 5 Brunswick zone cards (for all the awesome arcade games)down on the table and said that he was giving them to us as a gift for taking our kids bowling without the help of daddys. He said that he knew how much was on each, but he wasn't telling. So after we were done bowling, we took the kids over to play some games and the cards had $20 each on them. We basically got $100 just for taking our kids out while daddys were working. How awesome is that?

Little bit of randomness

Logan and Max

Jumping on the trampoline with Grandpa is so much fun.

Isn't he a stud?