Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bedroom renovations

So Chad and I were sick of having a college boy's dorm room look for our room. We decided it's time to have a "grown up" room. We did everything ourselves. It is still in the process of renovations, but this is it thus far. (I didn't think to take before pics until after my dresser was done) we still need to hang up some family pictures we are getting enlarged. I will post the final look when we are ALL DONE.

We made our own wall art. I love them.

My dresser used to be cherry wood, Chad sanded it down and stained it black and it looks SO good.

Our new entertainment area (not sure what we are going to fill the book cases with yet)

Chad made us a headboard for our bed. We have never had one. It makes the room look so much better instantly.
Logan definately likes it. He LOVES to jump on the bed.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Logan's talkin'

So Logan tries very hard to say things correctly, but the way he says things is just hilarious

No way Jose = No way no say

Donut = Hot dog (ya I don't get this one b/c he knows what a hot dog is)

If he know something he is touching will give him owies he says "Berry Hot."

Popcorn = Paco

He says "Mommy watch, Weddy" (ready) when he wants to "do a trick"

He says "awesome" to everything he thinks is cool.

When he wants to play pool he says "mommy poo, sit down." (I kneel at one end so he can roll all the balls to me)

He still will not say car..everything is a truck.

Chad taught him "monster gonna get you" but he ONLY says it in a whisper voice.

these ones = docee

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Chad took Logan bowling for the first time last Tuesday and he had a blast. He even got a strike on HIS FIRST TURN. That's right, my son is AWESOME!!!!!! Logan actually got a higher score than Chad. Shaun, Ashley and Nate went too and they all had tons of fun.
Lots of Logan

Dustin' his shoulder off

Is it me or do these Hawkins boys bowl A LOT alike

Little bit of tummy

Logan and Auntie Ashley

Logan beat Chad

NBA All Star promotion pictures

These pictures were taken back in February at Chad's NBA All Star promo at his work. Rick Barry was there signing autographs. He is a really nice guy. He was telling Kaiden he needs to make sure to go (and Stay) in school. It was really sweet.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Az Science Center

We took Logan and Kaiden to the Az science center on Saturday and it was so much fun. There is so much to do. I would actually love to go without children so I can actually look at everything and not just follow them around (chase them.) They were really curious about everything there and it was a lot of fun.

Kaiden and Chad wheelchair racing (it's harder than it seems, chad lost the second game)

Chad Won

Kaiden WON

Papa showin Kaiden what is gonna happen Tues when he gets his second knee replacement

This is a nose and it teaches how your nose hairs work to protect germs from coming in your nose, after you thrown in the germs (balls) it spits them back at you.

SO strong

I'm so dizzy (Kaiden was spinning himself on this)

Kaiden generating power

They had this face distortion camera thing there and it was hilarious. We could have spent ALL day there just making FUNNY faces.

Logan and Kaiden

chad (he loved this, he looked really freaky in a few of them)

Logan and Chad

Kaiden and Papa

Looks like papa is sucking in Kaiden's head.

All the boys behind the screen

Animate yourself


This was just funny. It tells you all about ZITS