Sunday, June 27, 2010

Logan, our sweet sweet toddler

Ok, so what are the "terrible two's" excatly? I hate to brag, but Logan has seriously NEVER been terrible. He has his moments where he can be a little booger, but he is always so sweet. We feel SO blessed that we get to keep him forever. He is always so caring and generous and sweet.

I think "I love you" is his favorite phrase b/c he says it CONSTANTLY and I just love to hear it.

He loves to snuggle, especially while watching movies and before he takes a nap.

The other night Chad and I went out for a date night and I wore a cute white dress. As soon as I put it on Logan said "mommy, my want to dance wif you." He always looks at our wedding pic and sees my white dress and thinks Chad and I are dancing, not posing, for the picture. So every morning Logan tells me "mommy, wear the white dress, my want to dance wif you. " he is such a sweetheart.

Logan keeps asking when we are gonna have the baby and pretty much the only thing I can say to explain is that the baby will come after Logan's birthday. I guess he doesn't want to wait that long cause when I asked him who he wanted to come to his birthday party he says "I want my baby brubder to come to my birthday."

Whenever we lay in bed to go to sleep Logan will start to pretend cry and say "mommy, my want you to hold me like a baby." I'll tell him that I like when my baby is happy, not crying and he says "but mommy, babies cry" (well thanks for reminding me Logan)

Logan is an awesome singer, he knows lots of words to lots of songs and loves to jam out in the car. He will sit up really straight trying to look at my mouth (in the rear view mirror) singing the words so he knows he gets them right.

They have this new marshmallow pebbles cereal (like fruity pebbles, but with mashmallows) that Logan loves. Only problem....he ONLY eats the marshmallows and not the actual cereal.

He calls everyone a silly sally tayto head (potato head) I think he learned that from daddy

He is 100% potty trained. He seriously just woke up one day and that was that. He has not had ANY accidents at all. I am so proud of him. He still hates going poo, but that will get easier as time goes on I am sure.

We like to play keep away with Logan's binkie and so today I told him that I ate it and it was in my belly and his response was "the baby using it?" He is so funny.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

More of baby Kayla

Logan trying to help grandma hold Kayla

I made this SUPER CUTE sign for Kayla's room. I love how it turned out, it matches perfectly.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Baby boy number 2

Ok so we are DEFINATELY still having a boy...and he is not the least bit shy about it.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Welcome baby Kayla

We FINALLY have a niece. Little miss Kayla Marie Hawkins is absolutely adorable. Logan is so in love with her. Congrats to Shaun and Ashley.

Golfing and Bass Pro shop

This little "herd" of ducks came waddling by right in front of us and didn't have a care in the world about getting pummeled by golf balls

Bass Pro Shop is seriously the coolest store ever. Logan and I walked around for like an hour and a half just looking around at all the cool animals, waterfall, fish and toys. He LOVED going up and down the elevator and stairs and sitting on EVERY quad and golf cart.

This is what Logan has decided he wants for his birthday lol

Logan LOVED the fish

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Lake

We went out Saguaro Lake last Friday and it was the PERFECT day to go. It was so nice out, the wind was blowing, it was just awesome for JUNE. The little boys wanted to play in the water and the big boys just rode our sand rail around all day. We had a picnic lunch out there and had so much fun.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

First Swim of the Summer

Deciding whether or not to get in

Logan was ready, but had to swim with aunt Jamie til daddy got enough guts to get in

And the only daddy would get in was to jump off the house and just take it like a man.

Logan on the whale

Grandpa on the whale

Cannon Ball

Gettin dry with Grandma

Thursday, June 3, 2010


We were out of the house ALL day and Logan went pee on the potty the entire day. He would say "I holding my pee mommy" when we were in the car and he had to go. He didn't pee his pants at all. I am so proud of him. I think he is pretty much potty trained. Yay!!!!

We have a few "special prizes" for Logan when he does awesome jobs with the potty and other things he is trying to learn. Today, for not peeing in his pants for the whole day, he picked out a scooter. He LOVES it.

Funny things

When we are driving on the freeway and the road is curvy Logan says " mommy, we driving in circles"

Logan was stretching and yawning after his nap and his arm was shaking all by itself and he said "mommy, my arm is bumping"

We went to our first movie (Charolettes Web) for the Summer Movie Fun at Harkins yesterday and right before it started, when it got all quiet Logan yelled out "yay spider" (he is the kid in the movie that is always yelling out cute, funny stuff)

Logan looks at my belly and says "your baby's getting big" (glad he thinks its just the baby getting big and not me)

Logan was so tired yesterday for his nap, but he just got really hyper and was playing and laughing at EVERYTHING. (This was our conversation)

Me: Logan, you are acting like you're drunk (probably not the BEST thing to say)
Logan: That's a good name
Me: What's a good name?
Logan: Drunk's a good name

(we have been trying so hard to find a baby name that we like, Chad and I can not agree on anything. guess Logan is trying to help.)

When Logan sings his Abc's he ALWAYS leaves out the letter "j"
when he ends the song, he sings "now I know MINE Abc's"

Logan went pee in the potty the other days and
he said: " wow mom, that's a lot"
I said: "ya and it's really yellow"
he said " ya mom it's yellow...not purple"

Logan like to pretend we are animals or other things sometimes so he calls me "mommy bird" or "mommy sweetheart" and I have to refer to him as "baby bird" or "baby sweetheart." I get in trouble if I call him Logan, he will say "no, you call me baby

Logan's nicknames are:
Big boy
Logi bear

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

OH NO!!!!!

Logan has learned his first bad word:
Logan was leaning against our bed getting ready for bed and just yelled out,
"S**T, I need to brush my teeth"
My mouth dropped. I do not talk like that at all (Chad doesn't talk that way in front of him) so I had no idea where he learned it. I could not stop laughing about it though casue it sounded so funny coming out of his little mouth. He kept saying it cause I kept laughing (I know, shame on me) but I just kept telling him not to say it cause it is a bad word, I think he understands not to say it, he just wasnted to make me laugh.