Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Update update update

We are pregnant....I'm 12 weeks.

Kinda crazy, Chad and I actually became girlfriend/boyfriend on April 14th sophmore year of high school
Found out we were having Logan on December 14th 2006
Found out about baby number 2 on February 14th 2010
Must be our lucky number.

Hasn't really hit me and Chad yet, we know we are, but I don't feel the baby move yet so it's kinda surreal still. I remember being pregnant with Logan and I LOVED being pregnant. No side effects, I was happy all the time. This pregnancy is SO DIFFERENT...I am nauseated all the time, get frequent headaches and I am SO CRANKY. I always thought if we got pregnant again that it would be just like being pregnant with Logan and it is SO not.

Logan, on the other hand, always walks around saying he has a baby in his belly b/c he knows mommy does and he likes to kiss my belly already, he is so excited, it's so sweet.

Logan's update

I love you is actually his new favorite phrase...he even wakes up in the middle of the night saying..."mom, my love you" it's adorable

Me: Logan, I love you
Logan: My love you too mom
Me: I love you most
Logan: My love you 8,9,10 (that must mean A LOT to him)

Logan: My love you, mom
Me: I love (cant even get my words out before he shouts)
Logan: My love you infinity..ha ha my win

Logan likes to play "punching" (boxing) and he will punch punch punch and then when we tap him back he falls to the floor and says "knock out, my win" (I don't think he understands that if you are the one on the floor then you probably lost)

He has started to laugh in his sleep, makes me wonder what he is dreaming.

The other day we were playing out in the backyard and Logan wanted to feed the dogs. He filled up their bowls and Rocky ate it gone so fast. Logan says "my so proud of you Rocky" Then Max finished and he says "good job boys" (He is so encouraging, wonder where he learned that....hmmm...."proud" is a word we use a lot at home)

Logan loves to help me cook

Favorite song is Happy Birthday...he goes around singing "Happy birhtday to daddy, happy birthday to daddy" all the time

This morning Logan was pretending he had a bug in his nose and pretended to put the bug in my hair so I hid behind him and he said "it's ok mom, don't be shy"

I'm trying to teach Logan to say "I" instead of "my" when he says "my win" or "my love you" so Logan's new way to say things is "I, my win" he won't leave out the "my" it's so funny.

That's it for now...until next time....

Friday, March 26, 2010

Logan's new bike

He really doesn't understand how to pedal it, but I guess that's ok, because he actually just loves to sit on it, he doesn't really care if he is moving or not.

He had to take a picture of his bike and car together.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Painting at "As you wish" Logan gets over it very quickly and does not like to get paint all over his fingers.

Mr. Potato Head

Logan is so funny to watch when he puts together his Mr. Potato Head. His feet end up where his ear is supposed to go and he gets multiple sets of eyes. Logan is just too funny.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Logan's Creativity

I took Logan to "As you wish" a couple weeks ago and we painted a cookie jar, his hand prints are all over it and it says "Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?" It is so cute. Logan did the lid completely by himself.

Logan stuck doggie stickers ALL OVER the computer screen.

And his favorite thing to photograph is the dogs, here are a couple of Max. I love finding pics he took on the camera when I download them.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Our funny boy

Logan pretends to put on my makeup when I am getting ready for work

What a little man

Blanket hair

Sunday, March 7, 2010


So Chad got to borrow a quad and golf cart from one of his buddies and has pretty much been living up in Sycamore for the past week. He goes up for the day and rides, then comes home. Well last Saturday night him and his brother, Nate went and camped out overnight up there and Chad lost his cell phone. He went up almost every day after that looking for it. Logan and I must be his good luck charm cause when we went up there yesterday to ride....we found it. I was riding the quad in front of Logan and Chad (who were on the golf cart) and I ran it over, it flipped up from the tire and Chad saw it in the dirt. We got it home and started charging it and guess what.....it works. It went through like 6 days out in the desert and two rain storms so that little phone sure is a trooper. Logan loves going out on the golf cart, he asks to go ride like every day, its so cute.