Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My very own birthday wreath

My good friend, Shelly (Mrs. Craftmaster) made me this beautiful wreath for my birthday. I had a feeling her and my friend Cassandra would bring me balloons to work (cause we brought a bouquet for Cassandra's birhtday) so I told them that if they did I would take them straight out to my car. So Shelly walked in with my birthday wreath and I totally love it. Cassandra brought 2 DOZEN
donuts for us 3 girls to eat and man were they yummy. Thank you so much Cassandra and Shelly, you are amazing friends.

Shelly belly is the only cute girl in this pic (lol)

Cassandra is the cute girl in the pink shirt

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Logan baby

The baby
Logan: "my want to hold baby"
Me: "Logan, the baby is in mommy's tummy, you can't hold it yet"
Logan: "baby still cookin?"

Logan will lay with Chad and say "mommy, daddy's got your baby" wanting me to come steal him from chad, only for him to say "daddy, mommy's got your baby"he thinks it is so funny.

At the end of singing his abc's he sings "now I know my abc's, next time wont you sing my wetters"

Logan calls Chad and I sweetheart and honey all the time.
He yells "honey" if he feels we aren't listening to him and he wants our attention
He will tell us "I love you sweetheart" and get all giggly and shy after he says it.

He thinks hiccups require medicine
Logan: "mommy my need medicine"
Me: "Logan you're not sick, why do you need medicine?"
Logan: "but my have hiccups"

Logan has learned some new things recently:
Logan has learned to ride his bike all by himself. Sometimes he needs a good push to get the pedals started, but he can totally do it. I am so proud of him.

He learned how to blow bubbles. He always used to keep his teeth closed and open his mouth trying to blow the bubbles and it would never work. So he knows now to open open open.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


What is this, you ask? Hmmmm, it's a supposed 15 week pregnant chick. That is me at 15 weeks and I am ENORMOUS, how embarassing. There better be twins in there.

Family time

Last Friday was a lot of fun. Jamie, Colby, me and the boys went to grab lunch at Zipps bugers, then went to brunswick to go bowling. After that we went to my sister, Jill's house for Chili. It was so yummy. Jackie couldn't come cause she wasn't feeling well and I didn't get any pics of chad cause he came after work and I was kinda over the picture stage for the night.

Bowling at Brunswick

Jill and Ian's house for Ian's famous chili

Lions and Tigers and Bears....Oh my

For my birthday, yesterday, Chad planned the whole day. We got up and he made us breakfast (yum) and then we went to Out of Africa in Camp Verde. It was so much fun, the weather was perfection. (Besides Logan still being a little sick, with a super runny nose, it was a really fun day) Here are some fun pics of our day.

Crazy scary ostrich

Logan fed the giraffe carrots

The bears were so cute

The tiger was like mauling this guy...for fun. I would have FREAKED OUT if it were me.

These tigers can jump so high

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I HATE tax season

We always end up getting screwed and owing money. This year we, of course, waited til the last minute to e file and then they fricken rejected our taxes. I went back in and fixed "the problem" and re e filed, I pray to God they are accepted. Shame on us for waiting til the very last day to file.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Playin Baseball

Kaiden's favorite sport of all time is baseball so he plays it EVERY chance he gets. Logan and I decided to join them a couple days ago and Logan LOVED it.

Sour Face

Logan loves to eat the lemons whenever we go out to eat, but I don't think he ever remembers that they taste so bad. He is so funny

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Uh-oh he thinks HE'S the baby

So we got out all the baby stuff recently and Logan spends most of his time sitting in the swing or the glider. He is obsessed.If someone comes over, he gives them a tour saying "come see all the baby stuff." I know right where to look if his blankets or binkie are missing the swing. He even turns on the music and automatic rocker. He is too funny. Hope he can share when the baby gets here.

Just another day at the office

Kaiden is so spoiled when it comes to getting to do really cool things. Jamie came to drop Kaiden off at work with me a couple Sundays ago like she always does (so I could keep him for the night while she works) and the firemen just so happen to be outside the door when we were leaving. They all say "hey wanna go check out the truck?" Kaiden, of course, said heck ya. So we got to check out all the gear and now Kaiden wants to wrok on a LADDER TRUCK. The ladder trucks have all the cool stuff....jaws of life, axes and you know....boy stuff. So they let Kaiden put on THE CAPTAINS helmet and go for ride...with the sirens...he is so lucky. I got to go for a ride too, how lucky am I?