Saturday, August 29, 2009

Video Gamers

Don't mind the nerdy tv stand and our little tv (sitting together IN FRONT OF our broken big screen). Logan and Chad have found a new bonding activity, VIDEO GAMES. Logan loves to hold the remote and pretend he is actually playing, but gives up after about 5 mins. It is so cute watching him "play." He even has own video chair too.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Logan update AGAIN

Man this kid learns new things all the time that just has us laughing:

Logan cant say Cupcake...he calls it Buttcake

Scooter = Cooder

Chocolate milk = Chalk it milk

We call white milk regular milk, but Logan calls it Regg u ee milk

He loves the number 5 it's:
Me: 1
Me: 3
Logan:6 7 8 9 10

Logan has been told numerous times "k one more time Logan" before we leave the park or certain places and now he sticks his index finger up to us at the park or in the bath and says "one time, one time" (he doesn't really get that it means LAST time, but he tries to milk it for sure.)

In San Diego, Chad would just run in there store to grab a gallon of milk or something and Logan and I would stay in the truck, so now whenever we get out of the truck at the store he says "I stay in the truck" Like...go ahead mom and dad, I got this.

If anyone is talking while Logan is trying to watch his favorite movie in the world, Firehouse Dog, he yells at us "stop talking"

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

California Trip

We went to California for A WHOLE WEEK for Chad's birthday and we had a BLAST Logan became such an independent little man. He is definately not a baby anymore. He surprised us with lots of new habits and phrases he learned. We took him to the San Diego Zoo and of course I didn't take a lot of pictures cause the animals were eating or sleeping. we also took him to Sea world and seriously.. We LOVE Sea World. We did pretty much everything you can there. Logan Loved the sting rays and he actually wanted to touch them. He loved the UNDERGROUND shark exhibit (he is usually afraid of anything enclosed so it was awesome.) Chad's birthday was amazing, the best day ever (you will read about that below) All my pictures are just in order of the day taken so they are just all over the place. Thank you so much to Jeanette and Dave who let us stay with them. They are my sister in laws parents and they are so funny, sarcastic and fun. We love hanging out with them. I love that San Diego is so close cause we love it there so much. Logan has already been there 3 times. we wish we could move there, but it is just too expensive.

Logan was absolutely adorable. He HAD to roll his luggage to the door it was so cute.

And what is a day without basketball...where there is a hoop, he must play.

Look at how crazy this pic is, if there wasn't a big thick piece of glass seperating these two, I would have a heart attack

Daddy did ALL the uphill pushing, Sorry babe, but I am not as strong as you are.

Chad's birthday was our absolute favorite day of the whole week. We went to a beach in Laguna Niguel. It was a family beach, not college kids everywhere.We loved it. Then after a few hours there, we went and grabbed a Papa Johns pizza and had a picnic at a recreational park right by the lake. We let Logan play at the park for a little while and then we headed back to San Diego. Chad wanted pick up stix for dinner and what my baby wants my baby gets. It was his birthday after all. It was just an amazing, relaxing and wonderful day

This is how we found Logan LOTS of times just passed out in the car. He is so cute, I can not stand it.

Mommy cuddled Logan A LOT

Daddy ran with Logan A LOT

Chad buried Logan in the sand..he loves it

He loves it....

He HATES it....

Logan can FLY

don't worry, Daddy always catches him..and he wants more.

Logan had such a blast with the sting rays, I was SHOCKED that he wanted to touch anything there (he is usually afraid of everything)

Chad took tons of pictures at the Shamu show, but all Shamu show pics look the same so I posted my favorite pics of the show, so as not to bore you all.

Logan LOVED his bucket of cotton candy

Initially Logan screamed when he saw Elmo, but by the time we left him Logan was giving him knuckles, high fives and kisses.

Logan could not figure out how to put on hi 4D glasses

but he finally got it

Dolphin Show

When we got to the helicopter at the polar bear exhibit, Logan just kept saying "I drive? I drive?"

After Sea World we had a picnic at Mission Bay it was beautiful

Chad had to get EVERY STEP of the sunset

Last day at the beach. Perfect night for the sunset, it was beautiful

Chad taught Logan how to throw a frisbee

Tender moments with Mommy and Daddy